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Thoughts on Metaphor

"The metaphor is the mask of God through which eternity is to be experienced. . . . In India, I have seen a red ring put around a stone, and then the stone becomes regarded as an incarnation of the mystery. Usually you think of things in practical terms, but you could think of anything in terms of its mystery. For example, this is a watch, but it is also a thing in being, you could put it down, draw a ring around it, and regard it in that dimension. . . . The watch becomes the center for a meditation, the center of the intelligible mystery of being, which is everywhere. This watch is now the center of the universe. It is the still point in the turning world."
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

To see the things in your world as hopes and symbols of other things not yet seen coming to greet you

To look the stuff you encounter as doorways or portals to personal meaning

When I have decided to look upon the world I find mytself in as if it were a magic playground, the discoveries I find and conincidences become stranger than fiction and yet very real to the deeper more ancient parts of me

This is that, but it is also this other thing that has something to say to you.  How do you explain that if you haven't experienced it first hand.  It is just that not everything is what it really is.  But sometimes it is.  And those other times is is a beggar from your unconscious, projected out before you, inviting you in for tea.  

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