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How to manifest your heart's desires

You have to be strong,
no, no.... you have to be soft
You have to visualize it, work hard at it, pray for it
Scream away all your anger about not having it so you are free and clear and open to receive it
You have to chant it's mantra and affirm it into being
Make a vision board with images that look like it
so the Universe knows
But let go of wanting it so you aren't tied up in the future
Want it badly but be present and don't think about it.
Do several of the above action items so that you can let it go and wait for it to arrive in it's own Divine timing, 
And after you are done with all of that
let yourself spiral right out of control
arrive into the crevices, the cracks, the empty parts
that desire something different than the part of you who made the vision board and chanted the mantras
Arrive into the place within you beneath those places
and beg for answers
explore the cracks like a tourist
take photos, write in your travel journal
and listen more
and listen past the sound
until your skin knows the answers
and your muscles awaken to the memory of what is most essential and necessary for the next stage of your personal evolution.  
And whatever they say...
do that.


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