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A healthy circle of people who can love you

It's a painful aspect of life when we are faced with people who do not accept us for who we are. This quote is a very good affirmation. If we are on a path to choose healthy loving options we sometimes have to release people who don't have the capacity to love us like we deserve to be loved. But to add to his quote, something I learned from a woman who has helped me a lot on my journey... We don't always have to cut them out of our lives. We can reserve our inner circle for the ones who we are able to share and connect with lovingly and place the others to the back of our personal crowd. That has been a very healthy tool. I also love what Daniele says about no feeling guilty. I often find myself and others feeling obligated to play the role expected by these people who mistreat me. This is likely because thy have triggered a deep wound. But it is also because of them that we can practice staying true to our deeper self that benefits from seeing eye to eye and heart to heart. My wish for us all today... Heart to heart seeing.

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